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A new event will take place in our restaurant Azahar from 04 to 14 April, where the tuna will be the real protagonist.

The proximity of Ronda to the Atlantic coast has influenced that tuna has become a product of proximity used in our Mediterranean cuisine, enjoying the innumerable benefits of this blue fish in our health. Among them, its high content of Omega 3 helps us to reduce cholesterol, as well as it protects us from the sun and helps to alleviate some degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's; At the same time, it gives us large doses of vitamins A and D as well as phosphorus, improving our mood to face the day with positivity.

It is well known that Japan is one of the countries that have best known how to incorporate this food into their dishes, which is why our tasting menu is slightly influenced by Japanese cuisine, being the Urakami, Sashimi, Niguiri, Noodle or Tuna Tartar some of the dishes that you can savor.

For this reason, in order to include the largest variety of tuna cuisine our tasting menu we have composed of 7 appetizers as the appetizing tuna belly Josper with mashed potatoes and squid ink, caramelized shallots, romanescu, oil air of tuna. More and more, our guests will have the opportunity to accompany these delicious dishes with a selection of the best wines that will make them enjoy unique sensations. To conclude this menu, we will do it with a delicate dessert Nougat Castle with sea of ​​blueberries on crumble of sand. Let your palate travel to unknown worlds, but very close to home.

For more information about the menu and your choice of pairing consult our website or make a reservation.